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Welcome to CyclePotential Coaching. If you are a cyclist who wants to improve your performance-whether that be for your local group rides, century rides, or improving your results in races, you're in the right place.

Potential: adj.
1. Capable of being but not yet in existence;
2. Having possibility, capability, or power.

1. The inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or coming into being.

Every cyclist has potential. How fast could you ride next month? In 6 months? A year from now? 2 years from now? Could you upgrade from a category 3 racer to category 2? Could you win a State Championship? National Championship? World Championship? What do you want? What is possible for you?

Those are hard questions to answer, mainly because the answers are often impossible to know. We've all seen many athletes, and perhaps ourselves too who reach a certain level of performance and remain there for months, or years. Most people in this situation will decide that they have reached their potential with the amount of time and energy they are able to commit to their sport.

Some athletes never go beyond that level of performance, but other athletes who appeared to have reached their potential for a period of time, have then made remarkable improvements in their ability.

LeviSometimes this is because of a lifestyle change, or an increased focus on their sport, or similar factors. But sometimes it is because the athlete found a coach, or a new coach that helped them develop their abilities in new ways so that they could perform at a higher level than before.

The question for you is, given the time and energy that you have available for cycling, what is your true potential? Do you want to perform at your potential?